My 8 Mile

Editorial: For the last eight years I have been working as a freelance editor/writer for commercial, private, and independent clients. My biggest client is Teacher Created Materials (TCM), a publisher of educational materials for teachers and supplemental subject matter resources for all core curricula. Some of the series I have worked on for TCM include: Exploring Nonfiction: A Differentiated Content-Area Reading Program; Building Fluency Through Reader’s Theater ; Primary Source Readers; Science Readers; a variety of texts in the Early Childhood Themes series; and the Differentiation Strategies for the Content Areas series. In addition, I have written several public relations pieces for the In the Arms of Mary Foundation , one of which was published in the Orange County Catholic diocesan newspaper. I recently edited A Path Through the Bible, by Dave Clark and am currently working on a manuscript about spiritual motherhood of priests.

Writing: Most of my published work is in literary criticism and was written “pre-conversion.” I have published two nonfiction-critical thinking books (currently not on list) in the Opposing Viewpoints series from Greenhaven Press, as well as conference papers published in conference proceedings and academic literary journals. In addition to one tiny violet, I blog about writing and creativity at Persephone Writes.

Education: I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from UC Riverside in 1991 and immediately went into teaching in various capacities. While living in San Francisco, I earned an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education, which has been invaluable in teaching me about the continuum of human development and the ways in which people of all ages learn best.  Cal State University, Long Beach is my graduate MA alma mater. I earned my secondary teaching credential while also getting an MA in English literature of the Victorian period (bookended by the Romantics and the Moderns) with an added concentration in Composition and Literacy (which is a fancy way of saying that I am a writing teacher skilled in working with people who are learning English as a second language or who need help in reading/literacy skills). Currently, I am putting all of my experience to excellent use home schooling my 7th grade son. I also teach high school and junior high literature, composition, and logic courses for St. Michael the Archangel Academy.

Related ephemera: I am a lifelong teacher and writer. I’ve been an educator since I graduated high school.  Since then, I have taught preschool, kindergarten, first grade, middle school, as well as literature and writing courses at the high school, junior college, and university levels. I have worked as an editor and a writer (both staff and freelance) for various publishers and independent clients.

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