I just put this up on my Persephone Writes blog, but also wanted to share it here on one tiny violet because the drawings are simply lovely. To those of you who read both my blogs, I apologize for the double-take!

Persephone Writes

It was love at first sight when I saw these brightly colored, whimsical literary note cards created by Veronica at Paper Dali. Maybe its just that some of my very favorite authors made the cut — Poe, O’Connor, Austen, Bronte…… (sigh).

I thought it would be fun to attach one of these little cards to a book by the same author as a lovely Valentine’s Day — or anytime — gift. Cut up and attached to card stock, they’d make great book marks for a book group or class of literature/creative writing students. Or maybe matte and frame the entire sheet and use it to add a little literary bling to that “room of your own” you’ve been meaning to fix up — that’s what I’m going to do with mine!

While browsing Veronica’s site, I also found this poster and was simply charmed. I remember day-dreaming about Heathcliff

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  1. rosemary says:

    how fun are these!

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