Newest Blog on the Block

For my regular readers, I owe you an apology: I have not had much time lately to write new content on one tiny violet because I have been working on a new project. I’d like to introduce you to Persephone Writes, my new blog on writing!

I had hoped to be able to combine more “writing about writing” on one tiny violet. But the more I thought about it, the topic just didn’t seem to fit the focus here. one tiny violet is about the beauty of ordinary life and has a purpose and a focus all its own. Persephone Writes is something else entirely: a place for me to get out all of the other stuff that bubbles and brews up in my head about writing and the craft of writing, and what it means to be a writer working in the Catholic tradition.

If you are interested in what is going on over at Persephone, please come by for a visit. If you know of any writers or artists who are looking for a sincere, Catholic, craft-minded online place to share and grow, please send them over. And in any case, I’d be grateful for your prayers as I begin this new endeavor. Now that both blogs are up and running, I hope to be better able to balance my time — and writing — between them. Blessings!

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4 Responses to Newest Blog on the Block

  1. Bridget says:

    OOO, I am excited! You always have so many beautiful posts, even though I don’t comment very often! Bridget

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