The Beauty Collective (September)

This is a new feature on one tiny violet. During my infrequent forays into cyberspace, I continue to come across blog posts and articles which focus on the topic of BEAUTY. I decided that since this blog is focused on discovering extraordinary beauty in an ordinary life, it would be worthwhile to showcase these finds in a monthly collective so that others can enjoy them too! If you happen across anything in your own travels through cyberspace that you think might work for The Beauty Collective, please share it with me — post a comment here or email me at 1 tinyviolet at gmail dot com. Enjoy!

Suffering ‘A Precious Thing,’ by Roxane Salonen (

The Dignity of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White, by Diane Schwind (

A Recommended Book for Young Children, David Clayton (

A Room of Her Own, by Celeste Behe (

Only Beauty Will Save Us, by Sandro Magister (chiesaespresso)

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