Beauty Break: Lavender Harvest

One of my favorite things about warm spring-summer days is the scent of my lavender as its oils heat in the sun. The light brightens the purple flowers so they stand out vibrantly against the dusky gray-green leaves and stalks and, when I stand close, the scent of the blossoms just floats up and around me as happy bees buzz back and forth, draining each tiny flower. For just a moment, its easy to imagine I’m no longer on the sunny patio of my suburban home, but wandering a lush lavender field in Provence…….well, I can dream, can’t I?

Lavender can be grown quite well in a large pot on the patio or deck.
Skippy and I are eager to try some recipes using dried lavender (stay tuned for our adventures with those!), so I harvested quite a number of stems and set them to dry. This is easy to do — simply snip them down low, close to the leaves so you have a long stem to tie up. Once you have cut the amount you want, secure the stems together with a rubber band and hang to dry for about two weeks in a cool spot.
 After the flowers have dried, the buds can be easily culled by running your fingers backwards along the stems. It took me about 10 minutes to cull buds from this bunch. The bonus? Your fingers will release the oils from the buds as you pull them off and will smell divine. Use wax paper to harvest buds and then store them in a sealed container as you would any dried herb.

There are many different kinds of lavender — even white! Lavender is a good choice for pots or planters as it is drought tolerant and attracts pollinators — hummingbirds, bees and butterflies are all frequent visitors to ours — and it is relatively low maintenance and easy to grow. But the best thing about it is that it makes a lovely Provencal beauty break with a breath of scented air on a warm summer day…….

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2 Responses to Beauty Break: Lavender Harvest

  1. rosemary says:

    lovely lavender…thank you for the fun beauty break.. i love to learn about things!!!

  2. Bridget says:

    Ha! Oh yes, the do grow quite a bit. We have a HUGE bush that covers our bedroom window…so big that it covers our window. However, we do get the scent of lavendar when our window is open. The other bonus is that the lavendar attracts bees and birds, so we get quite a nature show in the front yard! Our bush is about 6 feet wide now. The branches DO get thick, so trimming regularly is a good thing. Beautiful post.


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